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Aeration Systems are more natural looking and blend with the landscape better than surface aerators or fountains.

Diffused aeration systems are the best way to aerate,destratisfy and create circulation on ponds over 6' deep.  Each system has three basic parts.

  • Air Compressor
  • Air Hose
  • Air Diffusers

The air compressor or windmill sits on the shore and pumps air out through the hose to the diffuser located on the bottom of the pond.  The result is thousands of tiny bubbles rushing out of the diffuser to the pond surface, creating circulation and providing aeration.

There are seveal advantages  to using aeration instead of surface aerator

1) Electric motor is on the shore, not in the water

2) Air diffusers lay on the bottom, ensuring aeration of the entire pond from the bottom to the top, regardless of depth

3) With proper size tubing, hose lengths of up to 2,000 ft can be achieved for ponds without electricity nerby.

All motors are designed for continuous duty operation and are oil-less for low maintenance. Periodic cleaning of air filter and replacement of diaphram and gasket every few years is all that is necessary.


Air Stones / Diffusers
Air Stones / Diffusers

Aerators / Compressors
Aerators / Compressors

Aeration Systems / Kits
Aeration Systems / Kits

Aeration Windmills
Aeration Windmills

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