High Strength Reservoir Cubes 1/2


While the standard res-cubes above work well in backyard and light commercial applications, these heavy duty cubes can be used in high weight bearing features.

• Ideal for use in Just-A-Falls and pondless features using large boulders
• Can be used under roadways, pathways, sidewalks, etc.
• Fewer cubes are needed due to the large size (2.8 times larger than res-cubes above) • Great for retention and recycling of rain 
• 27" x 16" x 9.5" equal to 2.4 cubic feet of space
• Each cube holds 15.5 gallons of water
• Ships unassembled to save space, quick and easy assembly on site 

Calculating Quantity of Cubes Needed:

To determine the approximate quantity of res-cubes to fill in your reservoir simply calculate cubic feet of reservoir (length x width x depth = cubic feet) and divide by 1.572. This will give you the approximate number of cubes it will take to fill your reservoir.